2019 Annual Report

Citizen Complaints
Total Complaints - 6
Resulted in Counsel - 1
Resulted in a Suspension/Reprimand - 0
Exonerations - 4
Internal Affair - 1

Call Statistics
Total Phone Calls by Year

Abandoned Calls

Abandoned calls are 911 calls that go unanswered. All Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) experience abandoned calls. They occur at peak times when the call volume exceeds the number of call takers that are available. However, these are a concern and should be monitored and mitigated. As the chart above reflects the number of abandoned calls has decreased over the past three years. This can be attributed to the installation of a new 911 phone solution in 2018 as well as the attentive- ness and sense of urgency exhibited by dispatch personnel. In 2019 two ad- ditional full-time dispatcher positions were added. Continuing the mainte- nance of effort in obtaining the needed personnel will serve to continue the trend in the decrease of abandoned calls.

CAD Entries-Phone Calls Received by Day of Week

CAD Entries by Year

Shown in the chart above are the number of CAD entries for the last three years. It is clear that we experienced a notable increase while the difference in the phone calls received per year was negligible. This is attributed to the growing volume of work produced by law enforcement self-initiated actions. Due to an increase in staffing and activity from most of the agencies we support, CAD entries from traffic stops and other self initiated law enforcement action have risen significantly.

PTT Time (Minutes) Each Agency 2019

PTT Time (Minutes) Each Agency by Year
Fire Service Calls Each Agency 2019
Fire Service Calls Each Agency by Year
Law Enforcement Calls Each Agency 2019
Law Enforcement Calls Each Agency by Year

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