911 Emergency Communications

The Blount County Emergency Communications District is committed to efficiently and compassionately answer the public's 911 calls for emergency service response.

We serve as the public safety answering point for the 911 caller needing public safety services. We are a full service communications center as we receive calls and dispatch to the public safety agencies needed.

Mission Statement

To be the calm in a crisis providin competent, compassionate, and reliable service to all.


The Blount County Emergency Communications District is the hub of emergency communications throughout the city and county. Acting as the central base of incoming 911 emergency calls from the public, as well as outgoing communications to personnel in the field, the facility is the true "nerve center," incorporating a cooperative interaction of cutting edge technology and a highly trained work force. This combination of skilled employees and ever-changing technological capability ensures that the citizens of the city and county can expect an efficient and professional response to any emergency-related contingency.

Our agency is responsible for dispatching 4 Law Enforcement agencies, 6 Fire Departments, 1 ambulance service and 1 rescue squad to assist the citizens of our county. In 2019, our center answered over 70,000 calls.

A Message from the Director...
The Blount County Emergency Communication District remains the hub of Public Safety in Blount County. We are committed to providing a timely and appropriate response to all calls for assistance in our jurisdiction. We continue to expand our technological capabilities and use those emerging technologies to better serve the Blount County community. We have expanded our partnerships; not only with Public Safety agencies, but with all school systems and government agencies in our jurisdiction, as well as surrounding counties and other industry partners.

James B. Long
Director Blount E-911

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